Bearded soulless ginger. Geek. Improvising automaton. Half pirate. Little spoon. RPG player. Mead drinker. Fantasy Reader. Board game cheater.

I’m Bradley Staples, writing under the persona of Meek Barbarian. By day I am a software engineer in the financial technology industry, working remotely from the Portland, OR area.

Growing up, I wasn’t aware of many things like D&D. But once I became an adult it didn’t take long until I became a huge nerd and fan of RPGs, video games, tabletop games, and most of all D&D. I’m a total geek for D&D and love all of it, so as a result I mix up my time playing as both a DM and player. I also buy way too many things on Kickstarter.

My goal is simple: I want to contribute back to the D&D community as I continue to explore all it has to offer. If you want to help, perhaps consider checking out my Patreon or Ko-Fi pages?